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There are many students who are interested in studying abroad and in most cases, they choose Canadian universities and educational institutions. The eager atmosphere and expanding curriculum will encourage students to study in Canada. The friendly student transfer programs and the federal grants that are available to foreign students also encourage many immigrants to Canada as studying in Canada may lead to Post Graduate Work Permit as well as Permanent Residence here. However, there are several requirements and considerations that the applicant must satisfy. The process for getting the study permit and admission in the university is a lengthy and time taking process.

  • You must have already secured an admission from a Canadian educational institution. Before you start the visa procedures the first step to study in Canada is to apply to a university or an educational institution
  • These educational institutions can be schools, colleges, vocational training centers or universities
  • After you receive a letter of acceptance from any of the above-mentioned institutions you can start your visa proceedings
  • To study in Canadaa student needs a document issued by the Canadian government known as the student permit. For most long-term courses in Canada, a student permit is essential
  • the main requirement concerns your finances. You would need to furnish proof that you have adequate finances to cover the fees charged by your college or university. Also, you will need to proof that you can financially take care of yourself during your stay in Canada
  • You would need to prove that you will have adequate resources to fund your other expenses. If your family (this could be your spouse or your children) is coming with you than you would have to prove that you will be able to provide for them as well
  • Those students who wish to study courses of short duration (6 months) will not need a study permit. But after you finish your six-month studies and you wish to stay back in Canada, you will have to apply again.
  • Good universities and colleges are not the only attractions that make Canada popular with students. Students can also work while they are pursuing their studies. For a student from a different country to work in Canada, there is no need for a wok permit in the following cases
  • The student must be in possession of a study permit
  • Sometimes educational institutions themselves employ students in part time jobs. For this a student do not need a work permit.

The information about courses that are available and courses that have funding is a lot. So, if you feel a little lost, you can take the help from us.

Studying in Canada is attractive for another reason. Once you secure a degree form a Canadian institution it greatly enhances your chances in immigrating to Canada later. When you are a student you would be a temporary resident. However, if you play your cards right, you can successfully become a permanent resident in Canada.